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Pricing and Timelines

Because we’re skilled at so many different concrete applications and we often work on custom designs there can be a huge range of price per square foot depending on the application. We price our concrete elements by cost per square foot or linear foot. We also take into account variances for volume, unique design, special form requirements or custom finishes. The best way to get an idea of what your project may cost is by getting started on a quote.

Our prices can be higher than some options. This is in part because we offer a lot of versatility in what's possible while collaborating with you to realise your vision. This medium is special. Using our proprietary concrete blend that is natural and also light in body, we’re able to accomplish a lot while maintaining that substantial look you expect from concrete. This means we can cast your vision into shapes that aren’t always possible in more traditional mediums.

We’re working hard with you to meet your timeline and will always communicate what you can expect. Production times are generally 3-4 weeks.



Bringing your unique ideas to life is one of our specialties. Don’t stress. We’re here to inspire and work with your design. Our process is collaborative and our medium is very malleable. We use our 20 years experience in precast concrete, drawing on learnings from a wide variety of projects, to make your design a reality.

Pieces can be created in a wide range of colours and finishes, including smooth and ground options. If you’re looking to match an existing piece of concrete, we can do our best to custom mix concrete to match most colours and finishes.

Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, we don’t do driveways or similar concrete surface preparations. In our practice as a decorative concrete company we specialise in a wide range of precast concrete products. Our specialty concrete ranges from mason supply, indoor applications like concrete counters, outdoor like concrete planters or firebowls, or specialty projects and art features. That’s just a start, we pride ourselves on our versatility and ability to bring out-of-the-box thinking to life.


Concrete Counters and Home Concrete

Our proprietary concrete mix is high strength and very durable. Applying a seal adds to the surface being scratch or stain resistant. That being said, concrete is a stone product. It’s still possible to chip, scratch or stain, but not more than other materials on the market.

No, resealing isn’t required. The time may come that you feel the need to reseal your counters for some specific issues, but unlike many products on the market our concrete products don’t need regular maintenance if they have regular basic care.

Clean your concrete surfaces using warm, soapy water. Do not use abrasive or chemical cleansers as they can scratch the surface or impact the sealer. You can reseal your concrete annually, if you wish.

Concrete countertop technology has come a long way in the last two decades! As with all stone products scratches are possible, but our concrete products are incredibly resilient and made more durable with a sealer. You can expect regular use for as long as any other standard product on the market.

Concrete countertops have a unique character, and have much more versatility in design than most other products. The character of concrete lends itself to a wide array of design aesthetics that other products struggle to match.

We price our concrete elements by cost per square foot or linear foot and take into account variances for volume, unique design, special form requirements or custom finishes. When it comes to concrete counters, we like to suggest you begin by budgeting $125 per square foot, but the best way to get an idea of what your project may cost is by getting a quote.

Yes, definitely. A licensed gas fitter should always be used to install concrete firebowls, tables or any piece connected to a gas line. Learn more about firebowls on our blog.



We make tough stuff! Our proprietary concrete blend is more durable than industry standard concrete with a higher finish, strength and durability. Using this concrete mix ensures that your concrete product has a long life and will stand up to high traffic, public use and whatever life throws at it. This makes our concrete a great choice for public traffic in urban settings.

If you’re thinking about how your concrete planters or other exterior pieces might stand up to the four seasons, don’t worry. We craft your precast concrete products from our high-strength proprietary mix, so it starts out super tough. We also apply a sealer to extend the product’s life. In the case of a piece that will be outdoors all winter, like your concrete planter, it’s best practice (as with all planters) to ensure the piece has adequate drainage or is raised off the ground to ensure adequate drainage. This will help minimize any winter damage that may occur from freeze/thaw cycles.

Versatile Concrete’s very first client was the City of Kelowna, who brought us on to build the Ben Lee Skatepark. We’ve gone on to work with hundreds of municipalities across Canada. Explore our work with municipalities.


Product Warranty

Our custom concrete products are covered under warranty for regular use for 12 months from installation, when installed by Versatile Concrete. We’ll make sure you have all the information to properly care for your custom concrete element.


Why Custom Concrete?

Besides our passion for decor concrete, our concrete is cast in a controlled environment rather than on site. That means our precast concrete is not subjected to the weather or inconsistent conditions when casting. By controlling the environment we give our concrete the time to cure properly for a consistent, long lasting product.


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