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Painters, Engineers, Sculptors, Makers — we are among the world’s artisans. Our raw materials are water, sand, cement, and few other magical ingredients. Our skilled team brings your ideas to life, in custom concrete.

Our Origin Story


For two decades the team behind Versatile Concrete has been realizing visions in custom concrete — and it all started with a skatepark. In 2001, Richard Dueck, owner and operator of our artisan concrete shop was part of a group of skateboarders in Kelowna that were unsatisfied with how their local skatepark was being built. He knew that his team had what it took to do the job, and the City of Kelowna agreed to take a chance on them. The Ben Lee Skatepark was born, and the rest is 20 years of artisan concrete history.


Our proven mastery of our trade has made us the world’s premier skatepark developer, but in two decades we’ve become experts in so much more. Our shop has grown to include an on-site design team, draftspeople, and skilled craftspeople to realize your ideas in custom concrete.

Working with hundreds of municipalities, we’ve honed our ability to manage large projects over multi-year planning cycles. Specializing in custom precast concrete for indoor and outdoor residential or commercial buildings and municipal spaces has earned us the trust of landscape designers, municipal city planners and property developers to realize their visions in precast concrete products.


Using our own proprietary concrete mix for high strength and durability, our pieces are built to last. That longevity combined with the ability to respond to the complex needs of masons makes our concrete masonry a favourite for a variety of building applications. Some more projects we currently actualize range from countertops, fireplace surrounds, and unique art installations to outdoor seating solutions, planters and water features.

We understand that our clients want to see their vision brought to life. By listening to your needs and using our extensive knowledge of our craft, we’re able to define the parameters of your design to take it from imagination to reality. Complex projects aren’t something we shy away from — they’re exciting new challenges for us to rise to.

20 Years of Craftsmanship


New Beginnings

A momentous decision! In departing from a standard construction career, Richard begins work in the construction and development of skateparks; a collaboration that would grow and evolve to help impact the entire skatepark industry over the next 10 years.

Distinct Design

Richard begins work alongside Drake to build Versatile Concrete Décor from its humble garage space. Early work includes the design and implementation of unique doorway arches and other custom applications.

A Thriving Business

Business grows rapidly as our clientele start relying on Versatile Concrete to create their unique visions. The business moves to a new and much larger location to accommodate.

Industry Leaders

Projects become more complicated, and our vision to serve as a premium supplier of custom products becomes more focused. In 2017, we produce our largest and most technical mould yet; a seating stone mould that would make its way to some exciting locations!

Our Artisan Team

D’Arcy Booth Artisan Versatile Concrete
D’Arcy Booth
Lucas Dumaine Artisan Versatile Concrete
Lucas Dumaine
Richard Dueck Artisan Versatile Concrete
Richard Dueck
Kevin Swordy Contract Inside Sales Versatile Concrete
Kevin Swordy
Contract Inside Sales
Alana Lund Controller Versatile Concrete
Alana Lund
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