Gather ‘Round the Firebowl

One of Versatile Concrete’s specialties are concrete firebowls, like this precast concrete firebowl that is the centrepiece of this intimate outdoor space. 

One of Versatile Concrete’s specialties are concrete firebowls, like this precast concrete firebowl that is the centrepiece of this intimate outdoor space. 

People are looking to gather outside now more than ever. They’re looking to be comfortable in intimate spaces with friends and family, like the backyard. When the sun sets, however, things can start to get a little chilly, even in beautiful British Columbia and definitely in the colder months of the year. That’s where the precast concrete firebowl comes in.

What is a firebowl?

A concrete firebowl is a simple and elegant way to up the ambiance of your backyard. Unlike fire pits that rely on burning wood and are not unlike an at-home campfire, the firebowl is gas-powered. It’s a decorative concrete shallow dish, filled with lava rocks and ignited using natural gas or propane.

What’s the difference between a firebowl, concrete fire table and fireplace?

A concrete fireplace is typically a wood-burning or electric insert built into your home. Fire tables are related to firebowls in that they can use either natural gas or propane. They exist as a singular, separate unit outdoors and not set into place.

“Fire tables tend to have more design qualities to them,” explains Versatile Concrete’s owner, Richard Dueck. “You can have square tables, rectangular — different varieties. We’ve had a lot of clients with different ideas over the years so that lends itself to the fire table.”

Why choose a firebowl?

A firebowl is a simple, low maintenance and elegant way to up your backyard game. They’re also cost effective — Richard and the team create firebowls from a proprietary custom concrete blend and a set mold that makes for a more standardized unit and, in turn, keeps costs down. “That's why they’re big sellers, for those that want to get a quality fire unit, but don't necessarily want something custom.”

If you’re looking for something with a bit more of a unique flair or design aspect, however, that’s Versatile Concrete’s specialty. So while you’re starting with a standard and beautiful baseline, the sky’s the limit with custom finishes and accents when you go with the right concrete firebowl contractor.

Once Versatile Concrete delivers your concrete firebowl and it’s been installed by a certified gas fitter, you’re just about done. Lava rocks are provided and live in the bowl adding an elegant aesthetic while protecting the gas burner. All of Versatile Concrete’s fire products are sealed with a countertop quality sealer, so you can bring your drinks around the fire without fear of a spill stain and there’s no need to worry about weather damage. It’s the ultimate in set-it-and-forget-it to create a comfortable place to gather.

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A Versatile Concrete artisan-made firebowl starts at $2,990 for a 36 inch firebowl with manual ignition and typically 3-4 weeks turnaround from order to delivery.

Create the perfect outdoor gathering space using artisan fire elements. Versatile Concrete has two decades of experience handcrafting precast concrete that sets your space apart. Contact us through our website or call 778-215-6440 to get started.

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