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The best part for me working with Richard and his team is they're all designers as well. So from our point of view, I can come up with something creative, I can run that by Richard and he can look at that with his team. They can work on how this is going to work functionally, how we can make it work from a construction point of view. And then we go backwards and forwards on design ideas and then we come up with the best solution for a project.

Byron Douglas, ECORA Studio

We ultimately chose to work with them because they were the best in the interior. Richard's always gone out of his way. If there were problems, he would rectify them in a hurry and it's always been a pleasure working with them.

Jurgen Jakubowski (“JJ”), Mission XL Masonry

I'd highly recommend Versatile Concrete. Richard puts out an amazing product — he does some amazing stuff and comes up with the greatest ideas. I've been in his shop numerous times and I'm just blown away at the things they build there. It's truly amazing.

Jurgen Jakubowski (“JJ”), Mission XL Masonry

Ultimately the choice to work with Versatile was consistency and creativity. Really both are the same reasons we stick with them. They don't limit our creativity. They allow us to throw ideas out there and they do their best to make them work.

Shane Worman, Worman Commercial

Versatile Concrete always comes up with creative solutions and they always call us right away and let us know of an alternative to make our project better. They keep surprising us with creative thinking, ideas and thinking outside the box. Whenever we know a client or a contractor that we are working with requires that type of service then we always go to, or let them know about, Versatile Concrete.

Keith Neihof, Bench Site Design

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