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There’s nothing quite like wine country, and the Okanagan wine industry is booming. In this flourishing local landscape of growing young wineries, setting yourself apart is key to success.

Working with local high profile wineries in the Okanagan Valley like Phantom Creek Estates, we’re able to shape an idea and turn it into something truly special. Dramatic artistic installations, striking concrete outdoor seating, beautiful yet durable concrete counters in high-quality finishes, or that special idea you’ve been mulling over in the back of your mind — we’re here to make it a reality.

We bring two decades of experience and a full team of experts in precast concrete. Listening to your needs and working collaboratively, our team of artisans will work with you to create stunning decorative concrete accents for your guests to enjoy while they sip on your creations.

Specialty Concrete Products

  • Winery Products
  • Unique Visions
  • Seating Stones
  • Entry Doors
  • Water Features
  • Personalized Applications
  • Art
  • Signage
  • ...and more!
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Let’s get the ball rolling! To get an idea of pricing, please fill out our quote request form with some of the details of your project. Once that’s complete, one of our team will be in touch with your quote.

Project Details

Turning your vision into a reality with custom concrete is our passion. Having worked on a myriad of unique projects for over a decade, our skilled artisans understand how to take your idea — no matter how bold — and work with you to make it a reality. We’ll be by your side to customize your unique vision to fit within budget without compromising on quality or imagination.

Our proprietary concrete blend is more durable than industry standard concrete with a higher finish, strength and durability. This concrete mix ensures a long life that will stand up to public use, making it a superior choice for public traffic in urban settings. Exterior products are sealed with an application of polyurethane/acrylic sealer.

While applying a seal makes the concrete surface stain resistant, it’s still possible to stain. We recommend wiping up liquid spills right away.

With two decades of custom concrete experience and a full team that includes on-site designers and draftspeople, Versatile Concrete is able to apply our expertise to your project in order to see it through reliably and safely from concept to creation. We use our own superior strength proprietary concrete mix that is cast in a controlled environment, not on site. That means our precast concrete is not subjected to the weather or inconsistent conditions when casting. By controlling the environment we give our concrete the time to cure properly, for a consistent, long lasting product.

We’re working hard with you to meet your timeline and will always communicate what you can expect so there are no surprises. Production times are generally 3-4 weeks.

We pride ourselves on being able to work on the details with you in order to maximize design and reduce costs. We price our concrete elements by cost per square foot or linear foot and take into account variances for volume, unique design, special form requirements or custom finishes. You can use our quote form to get an idea of the cost of your project. If you decide to move forward, we ask for a 25% deposit which puts you into our production schedule and starts the final design consultation process.

Our custom concrete products are covered under warranty for regular use for 12 months from installation, when installed by Versatile Concrete. We’ll make sure you have all the information to properly care for your custom concrete element.

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