Long Lasting and Sleek

A concrete fireplace effortlessly creates atmosphere in this modern living room.

A concrete fireplace effortlessly creates atmosphere in this modern living room.

Concrete counters and concrete sinks are a beautiful and long lasting way to outfit your home. Because the material we use is a super strong proprietary concrete blend and created with care, our precast concrete products will last you for years to come. There’s a reason why this medium has been around for so long. 

Easy to Care for

So we know concrete is long lasting, but if you’re wondering if it’s easy to maintain as well the answer is: yes. Once your custom concrete kitchen island top or cement counter has been finished and sealed, you’re pretty much set with regular maintenance, like wiping down spills and cleaning off dust. 

Uniquely Yours

When you go with custom concrete, you’re not shopping from a catalogue. These are uniquely handmade accents to your home that a concrete artisan thought through with you and created for you. Maybe you want to take it one step further and bring forth an idea for your home that you’ve never seen anywhere else, or think might be impossible. The benefit of going for custom concrete means a passionate human being is there to help bring your vision to life. 

Unexpected Visuals

When you think concrete you may think — grey. But not so. When you work with a specialty concrete expert, they’re able to mix and match custom colours and finishes to make your piece really stand apart. Or maybe you want it to blend right in? We can do that too. The visual texture that’s achievable on custom concrete is part of what makes it really special. There’s the ability to create a pebbled look, but when you touch it it’s smooth as glass and stain and chip resistant. Or a ground finish that really highlights the beauty of the natural material. 

There are always more reasons to love precast custom concrete. We can go on and on. That’s why we’ve been doing it for 20 years for mason supply, homeowners and municipalities alike. We understand that when it comes to picking your home decor, you want it to feel as uniquely you as possible. That’s where the versatility, distinctive and extraordinary features of decorative concrete shine. 

Create home decor that’s made for you and built to last. Versatile Concrete uses precast concrete to transform your living space. Contact us to get started.

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