Cozy Up with Unique Concrete Fireplaces

A custom concrete fireplace is the centrepiece of this modern living room. 

A custom concrete fireplace is the centrepiece of this modern living room. 

The cozy season is rolling into the Okanagan; with it, the desire to cuddle up by a warm, inviting fireplace. If you’re considering adding to or upgrading the ambiance in your home — we may be biased but, custom concrete makes the best material for a fireplace surround. 

At Versatile Concrete, we’ve noticed an uptick in requests - not just for fireplaces but for custom concrete fireplaces with unique designs. “A lot of designers are putting their own creative stamp on the fireplace feature,” explains owner and artisan, Richard Dueck. 

Concrete Fireplace Reimagined

The result of this demand - hitting the concrete workshop to experiment with one-of-a-kind textures and looks to reinvent the fireplace. “Our designers come to us with their inspiration and we add our own element to that to help them achieve their goal” Richard explains. 

Never unoriginal, the Versatile team steers clear of patterns or anything that might make you think it came from a catalogue. The result is playtime for these concrete artisans and the game is completely unique concrete finish fireplaces. 

“We spend a lot of time on research and development casting concrete against anything we can get our hands-on,” says Richard. “That leads to happy discoveries.” Most of those surfaces remain secret for proprietary reasons, but the result is unique textures that are never repeated and made to order. 

Why Choose a Concrete Fireplace?

We know concrete sounds like it’s all just fun and games (surely you always thought so), but there are some very good reasons to choose a precast concrete fireplace. 

  • Durability

Versatile Concrete uses a proprietary custom concrete blend that is tough as nails. The team puts their concrete to work on large-scale municipal projects like skate parks or masonry supply, so you know your fireplace will last. 

  • Fireproof

This one seems obvious, but concrete is inflammable and resilient material for a fireplace. It also makes a great outdoor material, like concrete fire bowls or fire tables

  • Custom Colours & Design

When you choose a custom concrete fireplace, Versatile will not only work with you to make sure that you have a truly standout feature for your home but that it blends in seamlessly with custom colour matching. Learn more about how Versatile Concrete has helped designers achieve dream concrete fireplaces. 

Work with precast concrete artisans who concrete outside the lines. Whether it’s a fireplace or your dream in specialty concrete, we’re waiting to work with you. Contact us to get started.

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